The Island of Pemba in Tanzania

Nicknamed as the green island, Pemba has many fertile lands and a large number of mountains and hills. During the period of the Arab ruling, Pemba was the center of agriculture of many plants that used to be exported to many regions. Until today, tourists who tour Tanzania enjoy the best and most delicious fruits and vegetables during their visit to the island.

The island of Pemba has always been renowned as well for its voodoo and healers who use traditional and natural approaches of medicine to heal from various diseases. This is another reason that encourages a number of travelers who spend their holidays in Tanzania to explore the island of Pemba.

Although the Island of Pemba is not really a destination for swimming, there are some sandy beaches where diving is really rewarding. Many of the travelers who spend their vacations in Tanzania are usually interested in diving and snorkeling in the amazing beaches of the country.

On the other hand, unfortunately, the tourism industry in Pemba, mainly because the main streams of tourists who travel to Tanzania are guided towards Zanzibar, is still basic. However, the infrastructure of the island is slowly developing with many facilities being built or at least planned.

It is actually part of the charm of Pemba is that the island is still mainly undiscovered and would be a perfect destination for adventurous travelers who spend their holidays in Tanzania and who are fond of exploring new places that are off the touristic tracks.

One of the top attractions of Pemba is Chake-Chake bay and the main town of the island. The bay is a wonderful location for diving and snorkeling trips that attract quite a large number of tourists who visit Tanzania and spend some time in the island of Pemba.

Among the most important interesting places to explore in the Chake-Chake Bay is surly Misali, a small island located near the bay that locals prefer to call it a part of heaven. With astonishing coral reefs and a number of rare types of animals and birds, a visit to Misali is highly recommended for travelers who tour Tanzania.

Tourists spending their vacations in Tanzania who are into natural scenes and adventures, there is the Bendera Cave that is believed to be inhabited by the spirits of the ancient people of Pemba. This cave is always worth a visit for tourists who travel to Tanzania.

One of the few historical sites of the Island of Pemba is called Ras Mkumbuu, the ruins of an ancient town that dates back to the 10th century AD. The main ruins consist of a mosque, some tombs, and some houses. These establishment, however, were constructed in the 14th century AD. Travelers who enjoy their vacations in Tanzania would like sometimes to explore the historical monuments of the country.

Located near Pemba, there is the small island of Kiweni, which is often neglected by the government and tourists. However, there is a major advantage of Kiweni, nothing major has really changed there for ages.

This fact preserved the natural beauty often distorted by modern civilization. The island of Kiweni is also famous for its startling scenes of the sea. Sometimes guides note that it is even more picturesque than Pemba and Zanzibar that are often explored by a huge number of tourists who travel to Tanzania.

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