5 of the Best Places in Japan to Use Your Photography Skills

Japan is the place to be if you’re a photographer purely because the environments on offer are astounding. If the skyscrapers of Tokyo at night aren’t going to give you the scenic views you crave for, the many other environments in Japan will. Take Mount Fuji, for example, you may not want to go to Mount Fuji to take snaps, but the surroundings offer lakes and forestry which gives you the chance to capture Mount Fuji at its finest. If you’re looking for a few other places to spread your photography wings, you must visit the places below.

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Lake Kawaguchi

Lake Kawaguchi offers one of the finest and naturally beautiful surrounding environments in the whole of Japan, but that’s not the main attraction. The main attraction reflects in the water itself, and we don’t mean your beautiful face, we mean Mount Fuji. The active volcano sits at a height of a jaw-dropping 3,776 metres, and that’s going to help you get some great snaps, with or without you in the photo.

Minato Mirai

Situated in Yokohama, the futuristic port of Minato Mira will give you the chance to test your photography skills to their limit. The port itself offers magnificent views of the yachts and Yokohama Bay Bridge, and if that isn’t enough, you’ll be able to take in the vast views of Yokohama from one of the skyscrapers close by.

Yakushima Island

The dense forest situated on Yakushima Island is a popular spot for tourists. A tree known as the Jhomon Sugi is believed to be more than 7,000 years old – making it the oldest tree in the world. If history isn’t enough to get you breathing heavily, the nature within the forest will offer you a great chance to fill your photography portfolio. The many streams and unique forestry will have you snapping away for hours and you’ll never want to go home.


Your next stop needs to be Kenrokuen, in Kanazawa. Kenrokuen is a garden that took 200 years to build and it houses Japan’s oldest water fountain. The autumn leaves and cherry blossom will make for some great pictures, and the great benefit of going to visit is that it offers picturesque scenery throughout the year, mainly when it’s snowing.

South Shinjuku, Tokyo

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a professional nightlife city photographer, there aren’t many better places to spend your time than South Shinjuku in Tokyo. The city is bright through the night and the hundreds of advertising boards will give you the extra brightness to capture some detailed photos of the streets. Hundreds of spots offer photographers the chance to thrive in an atmosphere sometimes overwhelming with photographic opportunities.

As a professional photographer or just someone learning to capture nature at its finest, Japan should be next on your list of places to visit thanks to some of the amazing views on offer. If you’re looking to visit Japan soon, be sure to check out Finnair.com for the latest prices on flights.